Brief Introduction


China Cancer (ISSN 1004-0242; CN 11-2859/R) is published by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.It was launched in 1986 as a official journal of National Office for Cancer Prevention and Control. China Cancer is published monthly in Chinese. It publishes peer-reviewed articles of cancer epidemiology, reviews and original studies providing a forum for the recent advances in cancer research. China Cancer encourages submissions from all areas of cancer research. Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to, cancer prevention, cancer etiology and epidemiology, cancer diagnosis and treatment in various cancers.

Initially created in 1971, the Journal of Chinese Oncology (ISSN 1671-170X; CN 33-1266/R), is a monthly publication that covers reviews, original research, short report, extra views, perspectives, and spotlights in all areas of cancer research, especially focus on clinical oncology. Journal of Chinese Oncology is published by Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in association with Chinese Anti-Cancer Association. The Editorial Board is composed of members from all around of China, who strive to maintain the highest standards for excellence in order to generate a valuable resource for widely readership.

China Cancer and Journal of Chinese Oncology offers many advantages to their authors:

-       Open access policy
-       Quick publication
-       Thorough peer-review
-       Professional edition
-       No space constraint
-       CSCD, WPRIM, CNKI, CAJCED, CJFD indexation


China Cancer: National Health and Family Planning Commission

Journal of Chinese Oncology: Zhejiang Health and Family Planning Commission

China Cancer: Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Journal of Chinese Oncology: Zhejiang Cancer Hospital

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