Brief Introduction

Zhejiang Cancer Center

According to the "Outline of China’s Cancer Prevention and Control Plan (2004-2010)" issued by the Ministry of Health, the national center for cancer prevention, treatment and research would be formed to strengthen the control of cancer in China. In March 2004, with the approval of Zhejiang Provincial Health Department, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital added the second name "Zhejiang Cancer Center".  It was the first cancer center on a provincial level in China. In August 2011, the National Cancer Center was set up by the Ministry of Health, approved by the State Commission for Public Sector Reform. It is affiliated to the Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. In order to effectively strengthen the prevention and treatment of cancer in Zhejiang province, achieve the goal of "early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of cancer", take full advantage of the specialty of Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, and straighten out the business relationship with the National Cancer Center, Zhejiang Provincial Health Department decided to set up Zhejiang Cancer Center in December 2012, with the approval of Zhejiang Provincial Commission for Public Sector Reform. Zhejiang Cancer Center is affiliated to Zhejiang Cancer Hospital. In 2016, Zhejiang Cancer Center moved to the Airport Road branch of Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, which has become the only provincial cancer center with an independent office building in China. Some other provincial cancer centers have taken Zhejiang model as a reference.

Zhejiang Cancer Center integrates Zhejiang Provincial Office for Cancer Prevention and Control, Zhejiang Clinical Pathology Quality Control Center, Zhejiang Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Quality Control Center, the Physical Examination Center, the Periodical Office of "China Cancer" magazine, the Editorial Office of "Journal of Chinese Oncology " and some other departments. Meanwhile, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital has invested a large number of manpower and material resources to nurture high quality professionals of cancer prevention and treatment, and to widely develop the popular science propaganda and health education. Zhejiang Cancer Center has actively guided the subordinate units to carry out cancer screening, early diagnosis and treatment for cancer, cancer registration, and some other cancer-related work throughout the province, which has done a lot of fruitful work for cancer prevention and control in Zhejiang.

Responsibilities of Zhejiang Cancer Center

1.To implement relevant policies of cancer prevention and control issued by our government; to assist Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission in drafting our provincial cancer control planning and monitoring programs, as well as implementing tasks. 

2.To strengthen the connection between different institutions which are specialized in cancer control and build up an integrated network for operational management; to organize and coordinate activities relevant to cancer prevention and control, in order to generalize the suitable and effective techniques. 

3.To implement the cancer incidence and mortality registration, as requested by Chinese Guideline for Cancer Registration (2016). With the help from Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to assess the current epidemic status of cancer in Zhejiang, and to forecast the trend of cancer incidence, mortality and trend in Zhejiang, which provides the basis for formulating a scheme for cancer control programs. 

4.To carry out the certain training programs aiming at clinical medicine, preventive medicine and operational management, especially for the specialists and the nurses. To stick to medical norms, provide platform for academic communication, encourage international cooperation and cultivate specialists at cancer prevention and treatment.

5.To organize and coordinate activities to propagandize knowledge relevant to cancer prevention and treatment; to assist Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission to carry out the activities of the Cancer Prevention and Control Publicity Week.

6.To assist Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission in organizing cancer screening and in putting “early detection and treatment of cancer” into practice; in charge of provincial projects’ training, supervising and related information analyzing and categorizing process.

7.To conscientiously complete daily work in Zhejiang Provincial Office for Cancer Prevention and Control; to accomplish the relevant tasks assigned from Zhejiang Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and National Health and Family Planning Commission.

2015 Zhejiang Cancer Registry Annual Report

Launching Ceremony of Cancer Screening Program in Urban China  in Zhejiang Province(Dec. 2013)

Opening Ceremonyof Demonstration Base for Prevention and Cure  of Esophageal Cancer(July  2012)